SEC Headlines 12/11/2012

Coaching News & Rumors

1. Texas A&M offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury on the radar at Texas Tech.  One of the “top two targets.”

2. 13 schools have paid $31 million to buy out coaches this year.  When you factor in assistant coaches and other items, price tag rises to more than $50 million.

3. Western Kentucky AD Todd Stewart on hiring Bobby Petrino: “We hired him because he’s an outstanding football coach.”

4. Petrino: “One thing I’ve learned from this is I can be even more of an influence on a young man’s life than just on the football field.” Jeff Schultz: “That’s the problem.”

5. Stewart Mandel: “The surprise to me is that so many desperate, higher-profile programs showed such restraint.”

6. Mike Lopresti:  ”Atonement can’t be rushed. And what does it say when it is?”

7. Tim Couch on new Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown: ”The quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, they’re all going to see the football a lot.”

8. John Clay: ”Neal Brown is back. Bobby Petrino is back. And Charlie Strong never left.”

9. What it boils down to in the coaching profession: ”You win, you win them over. You lose, you lose your job.”

10. Options for a couple of Arkansas assistants - stay with the Razorbacks or go to work for one of the Petrinos – Bobby or Paul.

11. Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken is the new coach at Southern Miss.

12. Tommy Tuberville leading an exodus out of Lubbock?

13. Charlie Strong’s contract extension at Louisville “getting close” to being done.

 SEC/College News

14. Thanks to Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M is reaping the benefits of a public relations bonanza.  A&M marketing VP: “This is truly unparalleled in terms of the broad scope of national media exposure A&M is receiving,”

15. With Marcus Lattimore reportedly turning pro, South Carolina will turn to running back Mike Davis.

16. Steve Spurrier on Lattimore:  ”When he’s ready, I’m sure they will have a press conference.”

17. Plenty of decisions facing Georgia football.  No. 1  on the list - will Aaron Murray stay or go?

18. Bulldogs defense expected to lose 12 players who started games this year.

19. Notre Dame over Alabama - because of its goal-line defense?

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