FSU’s Loss Another Plus For The SEC

A quick look at the current Top 10 rankings should provide SEC fans with plenty of reasons to smile.  In the USA Today Coaches Poll, four of the top eight teams in the country are SEC’ers.  In the AP Poll, three of the top four teams are from Mike Slive’s league.

More importantly, another conference has seen its chances of reaching the BCS title game go bye-bye.  North Carolina State’s last-minute win over Florida State on Saturday most likely kills off the ACC’s title hopes.  The Big Ten is horrible aside from Ohio State and the Buckeyes aren’t eligible for anything thanks to a laundry list of past shortcuts, cheats, free tattoos and cover-ups.

Southern Cal and Stanford have already belly-flopped in the Pac-12 leaving Oregon — currently ranked #2 in the nation — as Larry Scott’s most likely title contender (though the Ducks rivals at Oregon State are currently undefeated, too).

Aside from Oregon, SEC fans hoping to disappoint America with another all-SEC BCS title game should be pulling against #5 West Virginia and #6 Kansas State in the Big XII as well as independent Notre Dame, a team’s that currently unbeaten and ranked #7.

Now it’s certainly possible that the SEC could do a little self-whooping, as well, in the coming weeks.  Top-ranked Alabama still has to visit #8 (or #9 depending on the poll) LSU.  South Carolina — #3 in both polls — still has games at LSU and at Florida (#4 in one poll, #6 in the other).  And the Gators host Carolina and arch-rival Georgia last this month before ending the season with Florida State.

Toss in other possible upsets plus an SEC Championship Game and the odds against another SEC versus SEC matchup in the BCS title clash are long.  But everytime another Top 10 team from another league falls… such a game becomes just a bit more likely.

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